Medication & Healthcare Services

All Seasons Pharmacy is committed to providing an extensive range of community services alongside dispensing and medication support.    At All Seasons, we provide the following Services:


Long Term Conditions - Patients that have Long Term Health Conditions are able to enrol in our LTC Programme. This allows our pharmacists to discuss your medications with you and how they work to improve your health. The pharmacist will also talk through a plan of services to help you better manage your medications. We are also able to better line up your repeat medications and send you reminders when your repeat prescriptions are ready.  Ask us about whether this FREE service is right for you!


Medicines Use Review (MUR) - Patients who are on many medications or are having difficulty managing their medications should discuss a medicines review with our pharmacists. Our pharmacists are trained in this service and are able to assist you in getting the best results from your medicines. This includes helping you remember to take each medicine corrrectly,  understanding the use of each medicine and knowing possible side effects and interactions. This is a fully funded (FREE) , more indepth service, designed to improve your health and understanding of your medications.


Medico Blister Packs - All Seasons Pharmacy provides Medico Blister Packs which help you take your pills on time, while reducing the number of medicine bottles you need to worry about. Blister Packs arrange your medicines into a easy to use system. We have a blister packing Alpaca Robot which assists us in accurately packing your medicine and reducing the time it takes to get this ready for you. We are able to discuss funding options that can provide up to nine months of FREE blister packs. Ask us how!


Yellow Cards - Our pharmacists are able to prepare Yellow medicine cards which provide a record of your medicines, and how to best take them. This card allows you and your healthcare team access to a up to date list of the medicines you are taking and at what dose and time.


INR Warfarin Testing - Through the CPAMS programme you can now have your blood tested in the pharmacy and your warfarin dosage adjusted. A Simple Finger Prick test gives an immediate result which is linked through to your doctor. This service is accessible, convenient and FREE.


Vaccinations - Our Pharmacists are vaccinator trained and can now vaccinate for Influenza, Shingles, Whooping Cough and Meningitis C. Our consultation rooms are private and the whole process is quick and convenient. We are also available to vaccinate large groups and businesses at a group rate. 


Emergency Contraceptive Pill - The Emergency Contraceptive Pill (ECP)  is available after a pharmacist consultation. This Pill is appropriate for preventing pregnancy following unprotected sex and is most effective when taken as soon as possible. The ECP only works in the first 72 hours following intercourse. Our pharmacists offer a private and confidential consultation and dispensing of the ECP.


Oral Contraceptive Pill - Our Pharmacists are now able to dispense Oral Contraceptives after a pharmacist consultation, providing that you have been prescribed an Oral Contraceptive by your doctor in the last three years. 


Sildenafil Consultations - Our pharmacists are now able to provide Sildenafil (Viagra, Silvasta, Vedafil) for erectile dysfunction, after a pharmacist consultation. These consultations are private and if you qualify for access to sildenafil, you can continue to see us for your repeat prescriptions without a doctor's consultation. 


Trimethoprim (Urinary Tract Infection Treatment) - Our pharmacists are able to provide the Trimethoprim Antibiotic for treatment of Urinary Tract Infections over the counter. This service requires a consultation in our private consultation room with a pharmacist.


B12 Injections: - Our Pharmacists are trained to administer Vitamin B12 Injections with a prescription from a doctor. There is a small charge for this service.


Wound Care - Our staff have undertaken extensive Wound Care training and can assist in the treatment of wounds and other skin ailments.


Aseptic Dispensing - All Seasons Pharmacy are trained to dispense preparations in an aseptic environment. This is essential in the preparation of palliative care syringe drivers. We work alongside Hospice to provide medicines and advice for palliative care patients.


Smoking Cessation - Our pharmacists provide a range of advice and support when deciding to quit smoking. We dispense the Habitrol range of patches, gum and lozenges as well as the Nicorette Quickmist. We are committed to Smokefree Aotearoa 2025.


Blood Pressure Checks - Our in store blood pressure monitor is free to use and can be used to monitor your blood pressure. Monitoring your blood pressure is essential to reduce your risk of heart attack and strokes.


Clozapine Dispensing - We are able to dispense Clozapine and work with local Mental Health providers to ensure safe and accurate dispensing.


Methadone Dispensing - We are able to provide Methadone Dispensing and work alongside CADS (Community Alcohol and Drugs Services).


Our staff speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Hindi.